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Absentee: Mail and One Stop

1 You or a near relative may request an absentee ballot by mail or in person.

2 You may vote One-Stop.

Absentee Voting by Mail

You may make a handwritten request to:
Anson County Board of Elections
PO Box 768
Wadesboro, NC 28170

Include the following in your request:
1. Full name
2. Physical address or 911 Address 
3. Address where you want the ballot mailed
4. Party affiliation(if primary)
5. Date of Birth
6. Telephone Number.

The request must be signed by the voter OR the voter’s near relative or legal guardian along with their address.

You may also use an Absentee Request Form. Call the Board of Elections at 704-994-3223 to have one sent to you.

Your absentee request must be received by 5:00 PM on the Tuesday prior to Election day.


When you receive your ballot: 

Complete the application on the back of the envelope. 

Make sure you sign your application along with two witnesses.
Don’t forget to have each witness include  their address. Your ballot CAN NOT be counted if you do not complete this step.

Return your ballot and completed application no later than 5:00PM on the day before the election.

One-Stop Absentee Voting

One Stop is available to every registered voter in the county.

The One-Stop Voting site is the Anson County Board of Elections office located at 101 S. Greene St., Suite B-01 in the Anson County Government Building (Old B.C. Moore Building).

One-Stop Voting begins the third Thursday before the election and runs through the Saturday before the election.