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Tax Forms and Documents

Real Estate Conveyance Form (Revised 2009) 159.72 KB
Schedule of Standards, Reval 2010 13.52 MB
Application For Property Tax Exemption AV-10 100.94 KB
Application For Motor Vehicle Exemption AV-10V 53.32 KB
Voluntary Payment of Deferred Taxes W/O Disqualificaton (Farm) AV-3 34.85 KB
Present Use Value Guidelines (Farm) AV-4 605.01 KB
Application For Present Use Value (Farm) AV-5 153.81 KB
Voluntary Disqualification From Present-Use-Value (Farm) AV-6 75.13 KB
Request For Estimate of Deferred Taxes (Farm) AV-7 30.75 KB
Elderly or Disabled, Veterans Tax Relief & Circuit Breaker Deferment AV-9 295.84 KB
Certificate of Disability Form AV-9a 37.01 KB
Board of Equalization & Review Appeal Form 20.47 KB
Business Property Listing Form 265.17 KB
Personal Property Listing Form 127.36 KB
Present Use Value Affidavit (Farm) 38.50 KB