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Property Tax Bills

Property tax bills for both real and personal property are mailed out during the month of August of the current  year and are due at par amount on September 1st and delinquent after January 5th of the following year.


If  mailed, payments must be postmarked by the U.S. Postal Service on or before January 5th to avoid interest accrual (2% for the month of January and an 'additional' 3/4% each month thereafter until paid in full).


If January 5th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the payment period is extended to the next business day.


If you do not receive a bill by September 1st, please contact the Anson County Revenue Department during regular business hours to request a duplicate.


Once taxes become delinquent then we must employ collection remedies.


These legal actions may include: garnishment of wages, attachment of bank accounts or rents due, and seizure & sale of personal property.


Taxes that still remain unpaid as of March 1st are advertised in the local newspaper in the name of the property owner as of January 1st of that tax year.


The associated cost of advertising becomes a part of the tax lien and this begins the first phase of foreclosure.