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Motor Vehicle Tax Bills

Vehicle tax bills are due on the first day of the fourth month following the date that registration expires or on the first day of the fourth month following the last day of the month in which the new registration is applied for.


Taxes are delinquent beginning the first month following the date taxes were due.   After this time interest will be added beginning with an initial charge of 5%.  Each month thereafter it will  accrue at a rate of three-fourths of one percent (.0075) per month until paid.


Once these taxes become delinquent then we must begin collection remedies. Unlike property taxes, these are becoming delinquent each and every month.


Vehicle tax bills that remain unpaid on the tenth day of the eighth month following the date the registration was renewed will have a block placed on the vehicle registration until payments are resolved in the Revenue Department.

Frequently Asked Questions


When will I receive a tax bill on my vehicle?

Registered motor vehicle tax bills are mailed approximately four (4) months after renewal of the state license plate or purchase of a new plate.

When will my vehicle tax bill be due?

Due dates and penalty dates will be shown on the front of the vehicle tax bill.

What penalties will I be charged if I pay late?

On the delinquent date interest will be charged at 3/4% per month until paid. If the bill remains unpaid, then within four (4) months a 'BLOCK' will be placed on
the tag prohibiting renewal until all unpaid taxes have been resolved.

What is a MAV2?

A MAV2 is a form that the License Plate Agency requires as proof of payment to allow renewal of the state license plate. This form can only be obtained from the Revenue

What do I do if I no longer own the vehicle?

You are billed for the vehicle which you own on the date of registration. If you purchase a new vehicle and transfer the plates from the old vehicle to the new vehicle, then you will be responsible for the bill and you will not receive a bill on the new vehicle until you renew your registration on the new tag. However, if you turn in your tag on the old vehicle to DMV, then you should send a copy of that receipt, along with a bill of sale, to the Revenue Department for a possible release or refund.

If I trade my vehicle, should I renew the tag or transfer?

If the vehicle that you are trading for is a newer model, then it would be beneficial to transfer your tag because the tax is based on the registration of that tag; therefore you would not pay taxes on the new vehicle until you renew your registration.

I feel that my vehicle tax bill is too high?

If you disagree with the value of the vehicle, you must call or go by the Anson County Tax Assessor's Office to discuss concerns you have pertaining to the value of the vehicle.

I did not live in the city limits?

The situs of your vehicle is determined at the time of the registration renewal, so if you still feel that you were billed incorrectly please go by the Anson County Tax
Assessor's office to make all proper corrections.