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Vision 2020

Anson County, forever green, fosters a magnificent quality of life and ensures an ideal place to work, play and call home.

Goals & Priorities

The following goals were established for FY 2007 to assist the Board with achieving its identified Vision 2020. Specific service and activity based strategies will be recommended to the Board as part of the budget development process. 
These services and activities will then be monitored to ensure the strategies are effective and efficient. This will enable the Board to measure the return on investment and fund only those services that demonstrate results.
Retain a qualified workforce
Develop a major legislative agenda project
Maintain an affordable tax rate
Improve the delivery of utility services
Attract & maintain industry
Expand/enhance recreational and cultural activities
Provide adequate public facilities
Ensure a safe & secure community
Promote and assist public education
Maintain a “green” Anson County
Ensure improved community health & wellness
Improve/Expand the use of technology
Ensure financial stability


Performance Reporting

FY 2007-2008 Performance at a Glance 116.21 KB