Schedule of Fees for Electronic Database Requests

All data is subject to the following disclaimer.

Anson County makes every effort to produce and publish the most accurate information possible. No warranties,
expressed or implied, are provided for the data herein, its use, or its interpretation. The assessed values are subject to change before being finalized for ad valorem tax purposes. All information is subject to change and is provided for informational purposes only.

Some Electronic data is delivered in a Zipped Archive format.

Data that is retrieved from our web site (by Internet Download) is currently available at no charge.

For the purposes of this schedule, a data set is defined as a single database, a single GIS data layer, or other such instances that include similar sets of information.

Custom Data extracts, or Data requests which require Staff intervention will be subject to the following Fees:

Reproduction of existing data files to other media formats:

Fees include media, but do not include shipping and/or postage.

Diskette (If data sizes permit): $5 per data set

CD or DVD: $10 + $4 per data set

GIS Data: Same as CD-ROM for indivual layers.  $50 for complete public data set   (not including aerial photos).

Aerial Photographs: $50 for a single CD of 30:1 Mr SID compressed image files (1"=400' Scale only).

Aerial Photographs: $50 for a single DVD of 15:1 Mr SID compressed image files (1"=400' for county, 1"=200' for Towns, and 74 &52 corridors)).

Aerial Photographs: $200 for a 4 CD set of 15:1 Mr Sid compressed image files.(1"=400' for county, 1"=200' for Towns, and 74 &52 corridors)

Paper Printout (Generally applicable only to textual databases, maps and other copies are assessed under a different schedule of fees, availble from the individual departments): $10 for up to 10 pages, $.10 per page for each page thereafter.

Other: Cost varies with media type.

Customized Data Extracts:

Extensive staff intervention may be required for the processing of the request. As a result, we assess additional fees in addition to the media and handling charge for these requests (Per NC GS 132-6.2)

Custom requests are billed at the rate of $50 per hour, chargeable in one hour increments. The above Media and handling charges are added to this rate.